We do a full inspection and condition report on the condition of the roof, assessing what action is required.


Replacing broken tiles, ensuring no leaks, making roof water tight. Checking water courses and corners for chips, breaks and cracks.

Valley Replacement if required. The old valley irons may have rusted and have been over bedded causing leaks. So if need be we remove tiles around valley, remove old mortar, remove the old valley iron and replace using zincalume or colourbond valley, dependent on roof type.


Once all the tiles, caps and valley’s are reset we grind the edge of the ridge caps…this ensures that when we come to the flexipoint stage the surface is smooth from old debris and imperfections so that the pointing is smooth with no trowel marks.

This is important as when the roof is given the paint coatings there are no obvious trowel marks highlighted and a smooth clean finish is guaranteed.

HIGH PRESSURE De-Mossing/Washing

The roof is pressure cleaned using the appropriate powered water blaster (approx 3000psi) making sure to clean the surface from debris lichen, moss, dirt build up and oxidized paint Where needed we spray the roof with hypocloride which kills the moss and lichen.this is needed where cases are extreme. It is very important that the roof is cleaned thoroughly as to provide a clean surface for the paint to adhere to properly see link www.regentpaints.com.au


All ridgecaps are removed and set aside. We then remove all the old loose mortar and blow all the dust and debris away providing a clean surface for the fresh mortar to be placed. Using a bedding jig and straight edge we ensure that the resetting of the ridgecapsare straight and level Take a look at this YouTube video that shows the process: Bedding – YouTube

Flexible Pointing

The roof is then Pointed in Flexible Pointing see link www.rooftechservices.com
The pointing compound is specially formulated to adhere to the ridge caps to the roof tiles and each cap to each other.

It has CSIRO wind rating and the ridge caps will be well set in place and have much greater chance of not cracking that the former way of pointing which was with a sand cement and oxide mix that had no flexibility.

During all seasons the roof expands and shrinks, Flexipoint offers a greater chance of not cracking
In the years I have been in roofing I have not had one call back since using the Flexible pointing compound.


The roof is now ready for painting. First a coat of primer or sealer is applied dependent on the surface of the tile.

Tileguard Primer

A water based acrylic co-polmer coating designed to penetrate and bind oxidized cement roof tile surfaces prior to top coating. Also suitable as a key coat for most rust free metal roof surfaces.

Tileguard Maxi Prime

A new concept water based acrylic co-polymer primer, incorporating Nano Technology, designed to deeply penetrate oxidized cement roof tile surfaces and bind any free powder prior to top coating. Its excellent adhesion makes it particularly effective as a key coat for most rust-free metal roof surfaces.

Tileguard Sealer

A water based 100% acrylic polymer coating, designed to seal and smooth out the surfaces of moderately porous cement tiles with little or no paint left, prior to top coating see link www.regentpaints.com.au .Then a colour coat is applied. Tileguard water based high gloss, 100% acrylic polymer top coat, designed to beauty most types of roofing surfaces.

Regent Ultra

The final coat is the applied Regent Ultra which is a breakthrough technology high gloss water based acrylic hybrid coating, designed to beautify most roofing surfaces whilst offering maximum dirt pick up resistance and gloss retention.