Terracotta tiles even though they are the most durable of roof tiles they are not exempt from the harsh weather conditions. Terracotta tiles tend to attract moss and lichen more so than cement tiles. With the build-up of moss, comes blocked water channels of the tiles and is less aesthetically pleasing. Although some people like the look it can cause leaks due to over growth.

We apply a hyperchloride to the roof to kill off the moss and lichen, slowing the regrowth process down. To help aid the prevention of regrowth we seal the tiles with a terracotta sealer. All this combined will greatly aid in the prevention of regrowth for many years.


Replacing broken tiles, ensuring no leaks. Making the roof water tight, checking water courses and corners for chips, breaks and cracks.Valley replacement if required.The old valley irons may have rusted and have been over bedded causing leaks. So if needed we remove tiles around the valley, remove the old mortar, remove old valley iron and replace using zincalume or colorbond valley, depending on roof type.


All ridgecaps are removed and set aside. We then remove all the old loose mortar and blow all the dust and debris away providing a clean surface for the fresh mortar to be placed Using a bedding jig and straight edge we ensure that the resetting of the ridgecapsare straight and level


The roof is pressure cleaned using the appropriate powered water blaster (aprox 3000psi) making sure to clean the surface from debris, lichen, moss, dirt build up and oxidised paint Where needed we spray the roof with hypocloridewhich kills the moss and lichen. Ready for Silicone coat.


The roof is then pointed in flexible pointing. The pointing compound is specially formulated to adhere the ridgecaps to the roof tiles and each cap to each other, this pointing has a CSIRO wind rating.

The ridgecaps will be well set in place and has much greater chance of not cracking than the former way of pointing which was with sand cement and oxide mix that had no give in it. During all seasons the roof expands and shrinks.In the years that I have been in roofing I have not had one call back since using the flexible pointing compound